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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album . . . Once More With Feeling . . . Radio Sunnydale

These lyrics have been compiled from different websites and my own listening. Feel free to use them.

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme' by Nerf Herder - All episodes

'Teenage FBI' by Guided By Voices - Not featured in a Buffy episode

'Temptation Waits' by Garbage - Not featured in a Buffy episode

'Strong' by Velvet Chain - 'Never Kill A Boy On The First Date' (S1:E5)

'I Quit' by Hepburn - Not featured in a Buffy episode

'Over My Head' by Furslide - Not featured in a Buffy episode

'Lucky' by Bif Naked - 'The Harsh Light of Day' (S4:E3)

'Keep Myself Awake' by Black Lab - 'The I in Team' (S4:E13)

'Virgin State of Mind' by K's Choice - 'Dopplegängland' (S3:E16)

'Already Met You' by Superfine - 'Teacher's Pet' (S1:E4)

'The Devil You Know (God Is a Man)' by Face to Face - 'Where The Wild Things Are' (S4:E18)

'Nothing But You' by Kim Ferron - 'Beer Bad' (S4:E5)

'It Doesn't Matter' by Alison Krauss and Union Station - 'When She Was Bad' (S2:E1)

'Wild Horses' by The Sundays - 'The Prom' (S3:E19)

'Pain' by Four Star Mary - 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered' (S2:E16), 'Dead Man's Party' (S3:E2) and 'Living Conditions' (S4:E2)

'Charge' by Splendid - 'I Only Have Eyes For You' (S2:E19)

'Transylvanian Concubine' by Rasputina - 'Surprise' (S2:E13)

'Close Your Eyes (Buffy & Angel Love Theme)' by Christophe Beck - 'Becoming' (S2:E21/22)

These lyrics have been compiled by my own listening please ask me if you would like to use them.

Overture/Going Through The Motions - Beginning when Buffy is patrolling in cemetery

I've Got A Theory/Bunnies/If We're Together - Scooby gang in Magic Box try to work what's going on

The Mustard - Buffy checks it's happening to other people

Under Your Spell - Tara and Willow escape the research

I'll Never Tell - Anya and Xander sing about their relationship

The Parking Ticket - While Anya and Xander moan at Giles a girl is getting a parking ticket

Rest In Peace - Buffy goes to Spike about problem and he starts singing about her

Dawn's Lament - Dawn is left alone and feels down

Dawn's Ballet - Instrumental - When Dawns been captured

What You Feel - Sweet sings about what he is to Dawn

Standing - Buffy is training, Giles sings that he's holding her back

Under Your Spell/Standing - Reprise - Giles and Tara sing of leaving

Walk Through The Fire - Everyone goes to fight the fight

Something To Sing About - Buffy sings to Sweet about life

What You Feel - Reprise - Sweet leaves

Where Do We Go From Here? - Everyone sings of ambiguity in their situation

Coda - Spike and Buffy have a romantic moment

End Credits (Broom Dance/Grr Argh) - Instrumental

Main Title - Instrumental

Suite from "Restless" (Willow's Nightmare/First Rage/Chain Of Ancients) - Instrumental

Suite From "Hush" (Silent Night/First Kiss/Enter The Gentlemen/Schism) - Instrumental

Sacrifice (from "The Gift") - Instrumental

Something To Sing About - Demo

These lyrics have been compiled from different websites and my own listening. Feel free to use them.

'Buffy Main Title Theme' by The Breeders - Cover of Nerf Herders Theme

'Bohemian Like You' by The Dandy Warhols - 'Triangle' (S5:E11)

'Everybody Got Their Something' by Nikka Costa - 'All The Way' (S6:E6)

'Dead Guys With Bombs' by Christophe Beck - 'The Zeppo' (S3:E13)

'Key' by devics - 'Crush' (S5:E14)

'Sound of the Revolution' by Lunatic Calm - 'As You Were' (S6:E15)

'Ballad for Dead Friends' by Dashboard Prophets - 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' (S1:E2)

'Blue' by Angie Hart - 'Conversations With Dead People' (S7:E7)

'Pavlov's Bell' by Aimee Mann - 'Sleeper' (S7:E8)

'That Kind of Love' by Alison Krauss - 'Entropy' (S6:E18)

'Sink or Float' by Aberdeen - 'The Killer In Me' (S7:E13)

'Still Life' by Patty Medina - 'First Date' (S7:E14)

'Black Cat Bone' by Laika - 'Wrecked' (S6:E10)

'Just As Nice' by Man of the Year - 'All The Way' (S6:E6)

'I Can't Take My Eyes Off You' by Melanie Done - 'Family' (S5:E6)

'The Sun Keeps Shining On Me' by Fonda - 'All The Way' (S6:E6)

'Run Away' by Halo Friendlies - 'Smashed' (S6:E9)

'Summerbreeze' by Emiliana Torrini - 'Into the Woods' (S5:E10)

'Sugar Water' by Cibo Matto - 'When She Was Bad' (S2:E1)

'The Final Fight (Original Score)' by Rob Duncan - 'Chosen' (S7:E22)

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme' by Nerf Herder - All episodes