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The How? Why? What? of Femslash
by Slay Candy of

This Essay has a *NC-17* Rating

First of all, some people don't know what really goes on between women when they are in a relationship together. This is going to take a look at how women pleasure each other in a lesbian partnership, this can help for fic writers learn how to write female/female ships better. However a strict warning on this essay it is based on sexual relations between two women, it is adult content, so consider yourself warned!

As we all know women don't have penises, but that isn't important when it comes to pleasuring another woman. What it comes down to is knowing how to use what you have got. A woman has fingers and these can be used very effectively in lesbian relationships, as can the tongue.

Fingers are a vital part of pleasuring a woman in a lesbian relationship. The clit of course is one of the most sensual places a woman can be aroused, using fingers to 'play' here can give extreme pleasure. Some people like to have the feeling of being penetrated, so fingers will be put inside of the vagina. Because there is more freedom with fingers every movement inside of the woman will be felt by her, and that can be very nice. If you have heard of fisting and you think it's all bout shoving your fist inside of a woman then you've got it all wrong. This is where you begin by putting your fingers in and moving them in and out, you keep adding more fingers until the entire hand is going in. It is not a clenched fist, but a smooth sort of spoon shape. Thee are ways women can pleasure each other with their hand.

There is also oral sex, in which a woman will use her tongue in very much the same way as her fingers. The tongue can be used on the clit to give the same effect as before. And again the tongue can also be inserted inside of a woman too. Please note that with the manual and oral sex stated so far both men and women can do this to another woman of course.

Of course, women can have 'sex' as well. Dildos can be used to perform sex, however you will find that a lot of lesbians do not do this. A dildo is a sort of plastic-rubber penis. (Read more about this in the toys piece) Some people feel that this makes sex into a male/female thing not two females. But these are used by a lot of women. In reality they are also rather hard to use, however if you read about them in fics this doesn't seem to come through a lot as people want to keep the heat in their fics.

Well I have gone over just a little bit of the how and why and what when it comes to lesbian sex and I hope it has helped de-fog some of your brains as to what goes on behind closed doors.