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Toys and Fun in Femslash
by Slay Candy of

This Essay has a *NC-17* Rating

This is a look at how toys can be used to spice up the sex between two females and how they can be used within them. Please note that this essay contains descriptions of sexual relations and it an be quite graphics at times, please do not read on unless you are of an age to do so. Consider yourself warned!

First of all the toy that most people would probably have heard of is the dildo. This is just a little bit on the mechanics of the dildo. It is used to women in lesbian relationships can perform penetrative sex on each other. A harness can be bought that is strapped around the waist of one woman. The dildo is put through a hole in the harness before attaching it to one of the partners. Sex can then be had in the same positions and males and females have sex. However the dildo is actually quite hard to use, although this is never really shown truthfully in fics as it can take away the heat of the story.

You can get a double dildo which is used very similarly, and this gives pleasure to both of the women. It goes inside the vagina of one, then the harness is fitted on and the other side of the dildo is put inside of the other woman. Sex will be the same as male and female sex now, and can be performed in the same positions. However some are easier when a dildo i being used. The Male Supreme Position, (when a girl has her legs up on the shoulders of her partner) is said to be easiest when using this, even though the name may suggest otherwise.

There are other toys that can be purchased of course that are just to stimulate a woman. One is the vibrator, these come in many shapes and sizes, and some are novelty with little animals that vibrate. These are used against the clit to arouse a woman and make her come this way. You can also get remote control vibrators too. These are placed on a woman and as the name suggests controlled by a remote.

Going down the lanes of bondage, there are toys that can be used by both males and females, such as handcuffs and leather straps etc. Bondage of course is where one of the partners is restrained somehow, be it by use of handcuffs or not.

However you can also get really odd toys as well such as well such as a vibrating cushion to site on when performing sex. The best advice I give you is to check out some websites that sell toys for women and to see how they are used and how they stimulate. Because there are so many out there I am just going over a few.

I hope this essay has gave you some sort of inspiration for those kinky sex scenes in your fics. If not then I just did some free advertising, ;)