Funnier in Latin

A Brief History of Willow
by Claire of Monkey Perch Studios

Willow Rosenberg born and raised in Sunnydale California. Life was fairly boring. Geek with only a couple of friends, Xander and Jesse. Xander of course was a long term crush as well. Then enters Buffy and her whole life changes.

Buffy's a vampire slayer. So Willow's introduced to the whole new world of demons and darkness which, as you would expect, slowly starts bringing her out of her shell. She becomes the brains of the operation. She also becomes a stronger and stronger Wicca.

Slowly but surely she becomes the interest of a guy at school, Oz who happens to be a werewolf. They go through more apocalypses together, finish high school and go to college. This happiness come all to end when a female werewolf turns up and ruins everything. Oz ends up killing the werewolf but he decides he's not safe and runs off to Tibet amongst other places.

Enter Tara. Witchy female with a stutter and a definite thing for Willow. Nothing quite happens until Oz finally returns and Willow has to make a choice. Willow chooses Tara.

Now that goes well until Willow starts using magic way too much and on Tara, messing with her memory. Tara leaves but they make it up again just in time for Warren (geeky evil) to accidentally kill her when trying to kill Buffy. This sends Willow completely over the edge.

This is the phase in Willow's life where she kills people and tries to end the world. But a cute little story about yellow crayons from Xander ends that.  This is very bad time for her and takes a lot to start living her life partially back in the norm.

A whole summer of magic rehab in England and she's back to help save the world again. This time with help from potential slayers. One who shows a lot of interest in Willow, Kennedy. After badness of Tara thoughts she decides to get it together.

She gets a call from Fred and has to run an errand in LA: re-ensouling Angel, again. This is where she properly gets to know Fred and there definitely is chemistry. This however could not be explored as Kennedy was back home.

Willow solves everything at the end as it is her magic that makes all potential slayers real slayers and the war could be won with a lot of help from Spike. Now she's without a home coz Sunnydale got destroyed but she has her friends.