Funnier in Latin

A Brief History of Fred
by Claire of Monkey Perch Studios

Spoilers : Up to E7 S14

Winifred Burkle grew up in Texas several years ago. She went to university in LA and worked in a library at the same time. One day she picks up the wrong book and her whole life changes.

The book contained text that opened a portal and sucked her into the dimension of Pylea, Lorne's (the Host) home planet. There humans were considered cows and treated as slaves. For five years she hid in caves mathematically working her way back to our dimension.

Then one day Angel and co. stumble into Pylea on one of their weird and wonderful missions where Cordelia turns out to be the princess of Pylea. When their little trip is over and Fred has given her own helping hand they take her home with them.

Back at the hotel Willow is awaiting Angel with bad news. This news makes Angel go off to find himself with Monks (who turn out to be demons). While Angel's not home, Fred finds it very hard to cope with coming out of her room.

Angel returns and starts getting Fred out of her room. She slowly becomes a full member of the team. Quickly gaining the interest of both Wesley and Gunn. In the end Gunn wins her heart which provides many uncomfortable situations with Wesley.

Fred's science soon gets re-recognised when she gets a theory publicised. She is invited to speak in front of an audience of science brains when yet another portal is opened to take her away.

It is soon realised that her old professor is trying to get rid of her and other students with great potential for science. Fred is out for vengeance. She opens a portal that would kill her professor but Gunn comes to save her from the change that comes with murder and kills him before the portal takes him.

This takes a huge toll on Fred and Gunn's relationship. Soon things get real bad and Wesley starts moving in. He tries it on and things don't go well. Fred and Gunn eventually decide its best to break up.

With the forthcoming apocalypse they all feel the need to resurrect Angelus which goes terribly as you'd expect so Faith and Willow turn up to save the day. Willow and Fred hit it off immediately but unfortunately Willow has her own little potential slayer at home for her.

Fred is the one who saves the day when the apocalypse comes. She is the first to be freed of the world dominating demon's spell.

She now has a whole science division at Wolfram & Hart the previously evil Lawyer firm. She starts off warily but soon takes to being in charge. She and her employee Knox start to hit things off, Wesley is showing great interest in Fred still, and Fred and Spike form a friendship.

Through her own choice after a few dates she stops things with Knox as she starts realising her true feelings for Wesley. He doesn't take the hint and she ends up throwing herself on him.