Funnier in Latin

Writing Fred In 10 Easy Steps
by Annabelle

If you want a quick overview of Fred then here you go, keep in mind though the Writing Winifred article is much more detailed and has much more insight to Fred.

1. Remember that when it comes to most things Fred is the smartest one in AI, not necessary the most sane one but the smartest.

2. Fred doesn’t like researching demons, she feels that she is not as well suited for it as Wesley.

3. Fred has been through severe psychological trauma and is likely to have nightmares.

4. Anything, and I mean anything, is likely to set her back to the way she was when she first came back from Pylea.

5. She is from Texas.

6. In a deleted scene of Fredless it was said that she had two brothers and one sister.

7. She and her family used to go see the Nutcracker every Christmas.

8. She is Christian.

9. Amy Acker, who plays Fred, said in an article that Fred graduated from high school early.

10. Have fun writing it.