Funnier in Latin

Title: Library
Author: Laura
Rating: G
Spoilers: Late season seven before Orpheus
Summary: Willow decides Kennedy isn't the girl for her and falls for Fred.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS and Angel belong to Joss Whedon.
Author's Note: This was written for the Willow-Fic-a-Thon and it isn’t as good as I'd like my first fic to be because I haven't watched very much Angel and only know about Fred from reading it.

I can’t believe it's over. Everything I ever thought we had together is gone. Kennedy and I never had the time to build the trust of a normal relationship. With the whole end of the world things happened so fast. She never regained her confidence in me after I drained her energy to complete that spell. I knew she was angry, but I thought we had patched things up.

Last night I went out to pick up some things at the grocery store. That was when I saw her, Kennedy and some other girl. I don't know how she met her. Kennedy can't have known her that long because she just came to Sunnydale. If this had happened with Tara I would have been heartbroken. With Kennedy it wasn’t much of a surprise. Her response when I asked her about was.

She said I deserved to know what it felt like to have the person you love betray you. I had to laugh at her telling me about betrayal. What had this spoiled little rich girl known about pain and suffering that I hadn't. After our huge fight Kennedy went running to Buffy and her story came out. Most of it was a saga of summer homes in the Hamptons and penthouses in NYC. One fact stood glaringly above the rest: she was only seventeen.

Buffy was furious about that and insisted that I should have known. The potential legal problems were enough that she didn't want me around her house and the Potentials. She even went so far as to hint that I would threaten Dawn. I have known Dawnie since she was a kid and would never hurt her or think of her like that. The only solution in her mind was to pack me off to LA where I would be far away from any children. She didn't even care enough about me to send someone with on the drive down, but told me to buy a bus ticket and call her when I got there. I made it to LA and once I got there I realized I was an adult with no job and no money. Figuring that I didn’t have many options I went to the one place I could always feel safe, the Library.

The library in LA was bigger that Sunnydale's and didn’t feature any demon texts, but was home to a great collection of books on computer science that had always interested me. While I was a t the library I knew I needed somewhere to stay and didn't want to drain my limited funds on a hotel. Calling Angel was a last option and certainly not my first choice. It was after sundown and the library was about to close when I saw Fred a girl I had met only once before and then she wasn't the most social. Now, I realized, she was gorgeous and confident. We shared pretty basic introductions and then started walking towards the car. As we got in she asked if I was hungry. "If I was going to stay with Angel," she said, "I should go shopping, because he doesn’t keep a lot of food around." Deciding I would rather eat now than have to go shopping in the morning.

Fred knew about a great place not far from the library where two girl geniuses could grab a bite to eat. Dinner was great and somehow became plans to meet tomorrow for a tour of LA and somehow moving here didn’t seem so bad after all. While Angel showed me a room he casually mentioned that Fred had jokingly sworn off boys and decided, in the interest of science, that her chances of finding happiness were far greater with another women.