Funnier in Latin

Title: I'm Seeing Someone
Author: Meira76
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: As for Buffy, the end of season 7. As for Angel, some vague season 4.
Summary: After the final battle, Willow can't get Fred out of her mind, and doesn't really feel that Kennedy is the one for her in a long-term relationship.
Disclaimer: Standard: I don't own the Buffy/Angel characters but Joss and Mutant Enemy do; I only use them for non-commercial purposes etc.
Author's Note: Please be patient with me; this is my first published fanfic ever, and English is not my native tongue.

Willow sat awake by the window. She wasn't too sure where she was - some small motel in some small town in northern California. It didn't really matter.

What mattered was the fact that the for the first time after everything - the fight, the saving-the-world (again), the endless days in that small house with far too many teenaged girls - she had time to herself. To think, to analyze what she really wanted. She had tears in her eyes when she watched Kennedy, asleep in her bed, because she was starting to realize that she was not it. Not anymore.

She had been great, love and support - and sex, Willow admitted blushing slightly in the darkness of their room. But they were too different - those experiences together had blurred it from her mind. She had been drawn to her, trying to get love and intimacy again, trying to be somehow normal again. And it had been nice while it lasted - but not great, not crazy and fuzzy and thoroughly committed in the way it had been with Tara.

And Willow couldn't be really faithful, either, not in her mind and imagination. What troubled her most was the fact that she couldn't stop thinking about Fred. Nice, funny, cute Fred, who had tried to impress her with Latin and babbling about manuscripts. And she had been so blunt - "I'm seeing someone".


Willow startled, noticing Kennedy get up. She walked to her. "Are you OK?"

Willow felt worse than ever, but couldn't help it. She had to say something, to be honest. "Not really."

"Are you scared? Or is it Anya? Or Xander?"

Willow closed her eyes, seeing the sad, sad face of Xander when he learned that Anya had died, saving Andrew, the poor bastard. Willow felt tears again falling to her cheeks. Kennedy hugged her, but she pulled away gently.

"Kennedy, baby, I feel bad for Xander, too, but it's not that. It's... us."

She saw Kennedy back away, her face frowning, and when she spoke, her voice was flat, quite butchy, without feelings. "You wanna break up?"

"Kennedy... It's... I hate to hurt you. It's just... I can't help feeling that were too different. You being the outgoing military type and all and me being, well, nerd and bookworm and silly old me." Willow tried to make it sound light and still considerate, but when she saw the look in Kennedy's face, she knew she had failed. Miserably.

"It didn't bother you before", Kennedy said in a bitter voice. "I knew we are different, but I thought... I thought you didn't care. I thought you... but it doesn't really matter, does it? I understand it now - you just wanted to make sure you had some more sex before the world ends."

"Kennedy, please..." Willow was crying now, tried to find the right words but couldn't.

"Suit yourself. If you want to break up, fine. I've got a job to do." Kennedy took her jeans and started to get dressed.

"Where are you going?" Willow asked, still in tears. "I hoped we could... talk about this, you know."

"What's there to talk, really? You wanna break up with me and I have never been the one to beg or pray. I'm the Slayer now, you know. I'm going out to kill some nasties."

"I'm not sure if there are any nasties here", mumbled Willow, but Kennedy ignored her, grabbed her jacket and stormed out, banging the door behind her.

"It can't get any worse that this", Willow tried to comfort herself. She threw herself on the bed and cried, cried for Tara and Kennedy and Anya and Xander. After an hour or so she was exhausted, too tired to cry, too upset to sleep, too nervous to stay down. She got up and grabbed a phone. It was four o'clock in the morning, but...

"Hello? Fred? This is Willow. Sorry I woke you up..."