Funnier in Latin

Title: Denial
Author: Magicks and Vengeance
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Futurefic, no spoilers
Summary: Fred goes to visit Willow at her new home in Chicago.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS and Angel belong to Joss Whedon.

Nothing was supposed to happen. She hadn't even been wanting anything to happen. It was just a nice, innocent trip to see an old friend. You know, the kind you'd only met once before. There wasn't anything sexual about it. Because she had definitely not fallen for Willow Rosenburg.

The e-mails definitely had not been getting a bit steamier. They'd certainly never talked in a way that might seem as if she wanted Willow. No, not ever. Because she didn't. And Willow didn't want her, either.

She didn't fly up to Chicago in hopes of maybe kissing Willow. She never wanted to just hold her close. She only wanted to go there to see her lonely friend. Willow had never given her any reason to think she should expect any more.

She'd never lied to everyone about where she was going. She never told them she was just going to Chicago to see some relatives that had moved there. She'd told them about every e-mail with Willow. And that she was going to see her. She didn't feel guilty, because she hadn't lied.

Hugging Willow at the airport hadn't made her warm and tingly. She didn't have to breathe deeply. She never looked at her friend longingly. Willow hadn't looked at her longingly back.

She hadn't fidgeted around in her seat in anticipation the whole way there. She hadn't been overly eager to get her bags, and put them quickly next to Willow's couch. There wasn't any awkward silence. She didn't lean forward to kiss Willow only a few minutes after they'd gotten to her apartment. Willow did not kiss back harder.

They definitely did not make out on Willow's bed. They didn't shut the blinds. They never touched each other sexually. They never removed their clothing. They certainly did *not* have sex.

And she wasn't laying there in the dark, at nearly midnight. She wasn't watching Willow as she slept on her stomach. She didn't watch the way the rise and fall of her own stomach made Willow's head move up and down. She didn't notice the softness of Willow's short hair tickling her stomach.

She didn't find herself completely content in that moment. They weren't obviously in love. She didn't even think they could work out. And she'd never think of moving here, to be with her. Never.

And as she laid there, Fred couldn't figure out what all the denial was for. She was completely happy, here with Willow. Why did she keep lying to herself that it had never happened?

She thought maybe it was just too good to be true.