Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: 35 Cents
Author: Karen
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Angel Season 4
Summary: What happens to Oz when the Sun is out in LA?
Disclaimer: Buffy's over but the Oz writing Ain't. Don't sue.
Website: OzMIA

He knew the end of the world was coming. The sun had been gone from LA for months. Angel had called him to warn him and ask him to keep blocks of the city safe the best way he knew how. By killing vampires, demons, murderers and rapists. Basically, he killed the monsters.

Unfortunately sometimes he killed everything he came in contact with and no one thought about the consequences of having it be night all day. The moon was out for 72 hours straight. Full and fat and making him change. Skin split, fur ripped free of his humanity and choked it off and there were no herbs on earth that could stop so severe a pull. Plus Oz was getting tired of the mask of humanity anyway.

"Hello?" The pay phone's cord was tangled and vaguely urine scented. Oz held the receiver away from himself. Willow's voice was wavery on the other side. She wanted to know who it was. He didn't feel like telling her. Her scent came through the phone ti him from Sunnydale. Coated in other feminine scents. She was mated again, to another girl. Maybe that's all she wanted right now: girls. But Oz was patient. Eventually she would realize she had loved him. Did love him. Would love him again.

He was mated too. To a blonde with a lousy attitude and a whole lot of animal under the skin. She found out the hard way about Oz's little problem. Meaning Devon got drunk and told her.... while he was trying to have sex with her. Elise didn't give a shit if Oz had fur and fangs. She had claws of her own. Half berbun demon she had wicked metal nails she painted pink and eyes of flame whenever the sun was high.    

So, why? Why did he call her every night to listen to her 'hello' get more and more strained? Or even a slice fearful? Why did he hang on until the last possible second before hanging up? Was it a game? Was it some need underneath the skin to stalk an ex-mate? Or was it more than that? Or less?

"Whoever the hell this is, you better stop calling me. I've got some mad powerful mojo, buddy and I'll... do something horrible to you." The slight fear scent traveled through the line and the wolf inside him eased, relaxed a bit.

Maybe he just needed to make sure she was alive.

It was an evil world these days.

He left her dangling.

Her voice left alone in the dark, "Hello? Damn it Oz, stop calling me. Please, Oz. Oz?"