Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Detangling
Author: Karen
Rating: G
Spoilers: Set after the end, brief mention of events
Summary: Willow is looking through some photos
Disclaimer: Don't sue. Me am poor.
Website: OzMIA

The pictures had sat in a shoebox underneath the bed for two years. She had grabbed them in the move and forgotten about them until she'd reached for an old bag of runes and tapped the dusty box instead. Pulling it loose, she smiled. Pictures were good memories. But after a few of a fresh faced two-eyed Xander and a beautiful blonde -pre-disillusionment, she had come across a serene cat green stare and her heart did a double take.

Picture after picture of her life with Oz, her brief hetero love affair, brought up touches and memories and the soft sound of his voice, the gentle scent of his cologne. She smiled at each one as his hair changed, her hair changed, their clothes shifted like a movie in fast forward she flipped. She looked for one oe two or three moments where she believed the love must have started to die. But in each one was the same serene stare, the same secure love pouring out to her and she shuddered.

She separated them from the rest. Undoing a knot around her heart until Oz was free. He was free from the other pictures and their safe memories. She gathered him into a pile and opened her hands to ignite them, to eradicate them like an ex-girlfriend should. Only, his eyes still stared at her full of love and maybe a hint of accusation. Why kill the happy Ozs? His eyes said, loving her.

Because you hurt me.

No I didn't. The pictures said, look at how happy we are. Don't you want to remember?

I, she stammered, trying to remember the spell. She faltered. I do. I do want to remember.

And she took a pink ribbon, wrapped him up and put him back under the bed, to rest.