Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Inside
Author: Crystal
Rating: R
Spoilers: Graduation Day
Summary: What could of happened after Graduation Day 1.
Disclaimer: I don't think Joss would ever write this.

He was moving inside her. His skin was sliding across her skin creating a beautiful friction. He pressed his forehead to hers and whispered softly. "Are you okay?"

She stared into his eyes for a moment. She had never felt better. He was showing her without any words at all how much he loved her and in return she was showing him back. A tender kiss on her lips broke her out of her reverie. "I'm okay. I love you."

He smiled softly. She marvelled at the beauty of that smile before his words floated all breathy and soft to her. "I love you too."

Suddenly everything was warmer. Her skin and his was feverishly hot and perspiration began to cover there bodies. She kissed his neck softly before kissing his lips. She grasped at him as something unbelievably pleasant shook her body. He smiled into her neck and shook as well.

She never knew she could feel this beautiful or loved in her entire life as he gathered her into his arms and stroked her hair softly. His heart was beating wildly and only for her and vice versa. She loved him more at this moment than any other before.


"I feel different. Ya know? Do you feel different? Oh, no, you've already... I-it was nice... was it nice? Should this be a quiet moment?" Willow waited for Oz's answer.

"I know exactly what you mean." Oz said softly.

Hoping it was the nice part, she continued. "Which part?"

Oz smiled into her hair. "Everything feels different."