Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Drunk On Sunday
Author: Karen
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Summary: It's Sunday, Devon's drunků
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Oz and Devon. Plot all mine.
Website: OzMIA
Author's Note: For Scott. He asked. It's for him. Enjoy

Devon was drunk. It was Sunday night and he had decided to celebrate the Lord's Day with booze like any good lapsed Christian. He stumbled past the living room couch and laid down on the coffee table. Oz looked up from his bowl of Fruitloops. "Oz man, I am so fucking drunk."


Devon sat up on one elbow, "Aw man! You knew? What gave me away dude? Was it the breath?" Devon puffed into his hand. "I drank vodka...Was it the um sitting on the coffee table? Or the slllllurrrred sspe, speech?"

Oz raised an eyebrow.


"I think it was the whole naked thing. You're not wearing any clothes Dev. You're pretty much naked here. On the coffee table." Oz put another spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

"Yeah well I really needed to get laid. But, man. I couldn't find anyone to sleep with." Devon pouted. "So you should sleep with me."

The eyebrow edged it's way up again as Oz crunched thoughtfully. "You're drunker then I thought."

Devon rolled onto his back. Completely naked. Oz watched him for a second. "You could take advantage of me." Devon mumbled from under one of his arms. He was using it to block out the light over the sofa. "I'm drunk." He let his arms trail to the floor. "Helpless." He turned his head to eye Oz, "Naked."

Oz snorted.

Devon rolled over onto his stomach. "C'mon Oz. Who's going to know! I could you know go and do um...guy stuff to you and you could blow me...drunk enough to forget everything..." His voice fell into a silky purr. Oz was struck with the urge to laugh.

"Not interested." Oz remarked, taking his eyes off the naked Devon and putting another mouthful of colorful cereal into his mouth.

"Please? Puh--lease? I'm good in bed. Ask anyone." Devon reached out a hand and trailed it down the length of Oz's thigh. Oz twitched in reaction but refused to move. It would only encourage him.

"Go find a groupie, Dev. I'm sure they'd love you showing up. Naked." Oz crunched a few more loops and stared down at his rainbow milk. "I'm eating."


"Don't." Oz held up a hand. "Please."

Devon crawled closer. His right hand was actively kneading Oz's thigh and his left was coming around to help. The room was starting to warm up. Oz sighed. "Dev..."

"Oz." Oz stared up at him with puppy dog eyes. "I'm horny."

"Yeah. I get that."

Devon slid forward on his belly and tumbled off the table, half in Oz's lap. Oz sat there as the milk splashed out of the bowl and all over Devon's back. "Dev, the milk is the best part."

"I know!" Devon agreed, laughing. "Oh man, I caught my dick on the table. Ow, man." He crawled up off the floor onto the couch with Oz. Short giggles kept escaping him. "What did I drink??"

Oz stared at his empty bowl.

Devon's expression sobered but his eyes still glittered drunkenly. "Sorry man. I never would have done that had I known I would spill you milk.." He closed his eyes and started giggling again. "So now that you're done eating...Do you want to do that thing?"

Oz turned his head to regard Devon.

Devon looked exasperated, "The thing where I blow you! Dude!"

Oz put his bowl on the now vacant coffee table. "I'm going to bed."

"Can I join you?" Devon stood up and tried to look seductive. He swayed.

"You're drunk."

"I know." Devon winked. "So can I?"

Oz walked over to the stairs. "Devon,"

"I know! Dude, I am so fucked up I can't even see straight and man I want you. So can I like come upstairs with you? It'll be cool. Sex. Is. Cool. And don't worry, it won't change our relationshhhhip pop, or anything else. We'll be totally coo. Cool."

Oz looked him up and down. Another sigh escaped him, "I know."

Devon swayed some more and took a few cautious steps towards Oz as the room tried to lurch away from him. "Huh? Whadda ya know?"

"I know it won't change our relationship, Dev." Oz tucked his hands in his pockets.

"Oh I know. do you know?"

"This happens every Sunday night." Oz shrugged.

"Holy shit! Yeah?" Devon was so amazed he almost fell on his ass.

"Yeah." Oz nodded.

"So do I like hit on you all the time when I'm drunk?"


Devon concentrated. "So can I come up?"

"Yeah. Why do you think I stay in every Sunday night?"

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