Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Eskimo Disguise
Author: Karen
Rating: G
Spoilers: None - future fic
Summary: It's Halloween
Disclaimer: Don't sue me. I'm so poor all you'd get was my government cheese.
Website: OzMIA

The candle dropped into the corpse and lit it brightly from within. Guts and orange offal decorated the counter, wrapped in newspaper. Three thick, fleshy chunks of orange meat and skin sat piled next to the now empty book of matches.

"Pumpkin's ready," Oz muttered, dropping a large serial killer knife to one sticky side. "Costumes?"

"Protection spelled and ready to go," Willow called.

Autumn bounded down the stairs. Her long auburn hair hid her human ears while enormous floppy doggie ears rose up above her head. She was wagging her tail by setting it swinging. "Mom-meee! Poof ate her wings! Now she can't fly!"

Willow, in her conical cap and Harry Potter spectacles, gave her husband a beleaguered stare. Oz got up. "On it." He sidled past his daughter, patting her happy head. He passed his son, squirming in a pea pod costume and gurgling happily. Oz cooed at him and picked up the pace when he saw Poof dragging wings out of her puppy's mouth. Oz called the shaggy beasts to order, but they ignored him.

Oz took Poof's part in the tug-o-war. He rescued the wing-the other was in shreds all over the floor-and tossed its remains on the dresser.

"Let's go get candy!" Autumn yelled from the base of the stairs. Oz snagged a can of hair color spray and whipped up some pretty great wing highlights to match Poof's halo.

"Yay!" Autumn, armed with a pillow case, danced around her dad and raced out the door. Poof barked and raced after her. Oz grabbed the dog's leash and moved to catch up with them. He gave his wife a wink. She was staying in on candy dispensing duties.

"I love candy, Daddy." Autumn announced. Poof barked merrily as if agreeing.
"Me too, remember the plan?" Oz whispered.
"I know, I know," Autumn rolled her eyes, "You're my bog brother." She handed him his own loot gathering pillowcase. "But Daddy, where's your costume?"

Oz raised his eyebrows and glanced up at the fat, full moon. "Don't worry about that one kiddo. I got a great one."