Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Hung Over On Monday
Author: Karen
Sequel to: Drunk On Sunday
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Summary: It's Monday, Devon's hung over...
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Oz and Devon. Plot all mine.
Website: OzMIA
Author's Note: Back by popular Scott demands. This may end up a series...LOL. If Scott keeps begging for smut.

Devon felt like hell. His head had to be a thousand times bigger than advertised. His eyes were glued shut and his brains felt nicely melted. It was definitely a hang over which meant he had to be laying in bed with some hot chick. Rolling over to see his lady of the night, Devon grabbed at his heart.

Cuddled up in the center of the bed was not a hot chick. It wasn't actually a chick at all. It was Oz. And he was naked. He was not-even-wearing-a-blanket-you-could-see -all-of-him-including-his-dick naked.

Devon let out a blood curdling scream and grabbed for a blanket to cover himself as he realized he was naked to!

Oz opened an eye and jumped up. "Oh."

"Oh? That's all you have to say?? We're in bed together, Oz! Men! In bed! Together! So what the hell do you mean by Oh??" Devon was about to hyperventilate.

Oz rubbed at his eyes, "Only that you woke up before me, this time."

"Th-this time?" Devon searched his memory. There was...he was in his room bored and he started drinking vodka...then it got hot in his room. He took off his clothes. There was a coffee table. Then Oz was licking his... "Oh shit."

Oz was just sitting there, stark naked and not even trying to cover anything up. His expression was hard to read it was so, so Oz! Devon tried to get out of the bed but the sheets were tangled around him now. He ended up falling face forward into Oz's lap. He let out a muffled cry.

Again, Oz just sat there as Devon tried desperately to get his face out of Oz's lap. The sheets fought against him, tangling him farther and making it impossible to get his legs in a position to help him pull his body up out of Oz's lap. Finally he got his hands onto Oz's well muscled thighs and pushed. He came up for air and was staring right into Oz's eyes.

"That was fun." The guitarist remarked, serenely.

Devon slapped himself in the face. "This is the weirdest dream I've ever had...Funny thing is...I kinda have this dream every Sunday night which is weird because...Oh shit."

Oz reached out a hand and slit it along Devon's sheet tangled legs. Devon's eyes rolled back up into his head as he responded to the light touch. "Oh shit." He repeated.

"Every Sunday." Oz remarked.

"Every...Sunday?" Devon echoed. "Oh shit."

The pounding in his head began in earnest. Devon clutched at it but it only pushed his head into an angle that had him staring into Oz's lap again. Jerking his head up, he frowned. "No way."

Oz was enjoying this. Devon could just tell. His hand was sliding down underneath the sheet and tugging it off of Devon, inch by inch. Devon found his mind was so shocked, he couldn't stop the guitarist. "It's okay. I don't mind." Oz told him as his hand dipped into the sheets and started feeling around.

Devon's eyes rolled back up into his head, "This is insane, man. I get drunk and sleep with you?"




Devon frowned, "Am I any good? I mean I'm used to women...Never mind. Don't tell me. I can't believe I...oh."

Oz rolled his eyes. "Try it sober and let me know."

"No. No! No...I, what do I do?" Devon found himself staring at Oz again. Little memories from last night kept surfacing and he was starting to rethink the whole being freaked out thing. But not being freaked and doing it sober...Devon shook his head, "Never mind. Don't..Yeah okay..tell me. What do I do?"

Oz raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not sucking your..!" Devon looked away. Oz's grip on him underneath the sheets increased. He yelped.

"Kiss me then. Sober." Oz demanded, relaxing his grip.

"But you're a guy."

"Considering what you did to me last night...A kiss. Nothing." Oz waited. His eyes on Devon the entire time, he was serious. He wanted a kiss. Sober.

Devon considered it as the hands underneath the sheet moved around a little. He knew he was feeling too ready for sex now to want to not kiss Oz, if the way the sheets were puffing up was any indication. Closing his eyes to save what was left of his super male ego, Dev leaned forward. Oz met him half way.

Their lips touched and Devon almost freaked at the skill Oz possessed. In seconds his mouth was open and they were touching tongues, gently. A little more exploration had Devon inching closer to Oz and putting a hand up into his spiked hair. One kiss turned into ten and as Devon finally let go of Oz, he was breathing hard. And Oz had still not let go of him.

"So?" Oz asked and his eyes flicked to his own lap.

"Not sober." Devon remarked breathless. "Get me a beer...And you're on."

Oz laughed.

Devon shrugged as the sheets were lifted and Oz disappeared from site. "This is the best hang over I have ever had, man."