Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Snow
Author: Karen
Rating: G
Spoilers: Post New Moon Rising, reference to Amends
Summary: Snow brings memories and a reunion
Disclaimer: Joss sucks...LOL. But he owns them. Damn.
Website: OzMIA
Author's Note: For Rich. He had a bad night of walking around in socks...

It was snowing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oz was amazed. Right now the weather was more unfamiliar than the surroundings. Born in Sunnydale, California he was used to sun...and sun. Now the sky was eerily self illuminated and snow was falling heavy and fast.

A pang of regret hit him as he remembered the one and only snowfall in Sunnydale. It had been the night Willow had tried to seduce him and they'd ended up talking all night. It seemed a thousand years away and the distance between her and now was so much farther than a few hundred miles. The sky had the same feel to it, full of mystery and light from within. It made memories of her painfully sharp and he missed her.

So like an ass he picked up the phone.

Xander wasn't at home but his parents gave Oz the number of his apartment. Oz smiled. It was about time Xander was on his own. It was just inconvenient for him. He was loosing his nerve. Dialing the new number, he waited. It picked up and a female's voice said angrily, "We were in the middle of something...sexual. Make it quick."


"Oz?" Her voice dropped into conversational, "How are things?"

"Good. Xander's there..."

"Yes. Hold on one sec." He heard her mumble something about ropes and Xander came on the line, "Oz?"

"Yeah." Oz wasn't sure he should do this. It was insane.

"Hey, boobala. How are you? Everything's cool right? You didn't eat the mailman and need someone to bury the body, did you?"

The relaxed friendly tones made Xander sound like home. Oz stared out the window as the snow made dizzying patterns against the street lights. "Nothing like that. Just checking in."

"Everybody's still alive." Xander replied, "Cordelia even sent me a Christmas card. Sure it contained a threat and a promise of mutilation...But all in all I thought it was nice."

Oz paused. He realized it was his turn to speak but how could he ask Xander for Willow's number? After the way he left? Not even a letter since then to Xander or Anya or a Christmas card to Cordelia...

"Get a pen Oz. I'm betting this is long distance and you didn't call to hear my melodious voice."

"Got it. Gotta disagree with you on the melodious. I could listen all day long." Oz smirked. He and Xander were always going to be friends, no matter how bad Oz was on the communication end. They just had good chemistry. Now if only he could get Anya out of the way...

Xander gave him the number twice and then it was his turn to pause. "She's still with..."

"Tara. Yeah. Figured."

"Why Oz? You're only going to torture yourself."

"It's snowing." Oz responded, walking away from the window only to be drawn back as a flake glittered like diamonds before falling out of view. His hand touched the glass, leaving prints like smoke.

"Yeah? Where are you?" Xander asked.

"...I'll see you around, Xand. Tell Giles I said hi. Tell Anya you love her."

He hung up before Xander could say anything. Not that he would, Xander knew Oz pretty well.

He stared at the receipt in his hand. It was for a pizza stake and mozzarella fries from Gino's but now it was a gateway to Willow. Holding the phone in one hand, Oz willed himself to dial. One number...Two...Three...Four...

It rang.

Oz sat down on the bed in his cheap hotel room.

It rang.

Oz willed his mind to relax.

It rang.

Oz focused on the snow outside his window and the last time he saw it falling. He and Willow had been inside her parents house and like some cheesy Christmas movie, the snow had started falling as he and her decided to work things out and be together. Too bad it hadn't lasted forever like they'd said it would.

"H-h-ell-lo?" A voice stammered and Oz felt his hackles rise. Forcing all the emotions associated with Tara's voice down below the still surface of Oz's mind, he asked for her. The girl stammered something else and was gone.

Oz waited. His heart started to pound. His hand reached out to hang up but her voice stalled him, "Hello?"

"Willow." Oz breathed.

"O-oz?" She sounded wonderful.


"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Her concern bit into him. He missed her now more than ever.

"I'm fine. Are you..?" He struggled to ask her a thousand things about her life.

"Yeah. Everything's good. Why?"

"It's snowing."

He heard her sit down, an 'oh' slipping from her mouth. She covered the receiver and said something. Then she was back. "Snow. Is cold and...Where are you?"

"Someplace cold." Oz relaxed as he heard a door close in her background. They were alone. "I thought of you."

"And you called." Willow's clothing rustled as she sat down.

"I wanted to talk to the part of you...Not that I mean to sound stalkerish or to be the scary ex-boyfriend." Oz stumbled.

"The part that misses you? Oz! That would be all of me!"

Oz laughed. "All of you?"

"Well, except for the part that's for Tara..." They both winced. "Sorry. How are you? Really?"

"It's snowing." Oz repeated as if it explained everything. It didn't. "That night was a miracle. People here don't realize what snow is. It's not water or ice but both and it's amazing. It's something."

"It was amazing. I haven't seen it since. Is everything white?" She asked, wonder creeping into her voice.

"Perfect. Nothing but white forever. Blank and clean. It could be anything. It's like watching potential. Until the snowplows come and bring it all back down.." Oz knew he was sounding a little crazy but Willow had to know what he was getting at. "I know how close we were. And it's in us but I'm not alone. You're not alone and I still think about us. So I wondered if just this one last time...We could talk all night. And watch the sun rise over snow. Together."

"I want to be there with you." Willow whispered. He heard her surprised intake of breath at giving herself away like that. "But we can talk all night. On one condition."

"Name it." Relief flowed through him.

"It's not the last time." Willow's smile came across the phone lines. Oz felt its warmth touch him.

"I'll call you every time it snows." Oz told her as the snow piled high against his window frame.

"Counting on it." She whispered, voice full of emotion. "Any chance you'll move to Alaska?"

"Good chance. I'm thinking more then fifty percent."