Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: The Bracelet
Author: Karen
Rating: G
Spoilers: None - future fic
Summary: Oz's bracelet haunts Willow.
Disclaimer: SSDD don't sue.
Website: OzMIA

The bracelet sat on the counter. She'd turned it over in her hands, over and over again. The black leather band was well worn and the silvery pyramidal studs were dented, riddled with dirt. She had dropped the piece of jewellery, burned by the energy and memories that lingered in it. Sweat stained it from days she knew and thought she'd never have to think about again.

She left it there over night and dreamed.

She left it there in the morning and daydreamed.

By nightfall it was a curse behind her eyes. She refused to blink. Refused to relive every moment. But her eyes were dry and weak, faltering once every twelve seconds. And the long time she held them open only burned the bracelet deeper into her soul's eye until she screamed and knocked it from the counter.

That didn't stop the memories. And now the blue carpet framed the bracelet, making it more visible to her exhausted mind. Falling to her knees, she crawled to it and cried piteously. Her hands reached for the past and knew it was the present reaching out for her. She'd be dragged into the future with the past if she didn't get a hold of herself. Pale hands settled around the band. They weren't hers.

Stretched flat against the carpet, her green eyes peered up and met their match. Only the eyes above were full of darkness she'd never seen and light she'd never dreamed of. He put the bracelet on his wrist and it fell into place snapping his past self clearly into focus with the now, the man with bloody hair and a serene wolf's smile.

She knew she was lost to him.

He knew she was lost to him.

"You came back for me." She whispered, wondering if he'd left the bracelet here to prepare her, remind her of a promise. A promise she accused him eight years ago of never keeping.

His eyes softened into a warmth that burned her darkness away. It was dawn again inside and he reached a hand down to her.

She took it, realizing the part of her that had been waiting for him forever, was all of her.