Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Two to Go
Author: Lepeka
Sequel to: One Down
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 6 - AU Villains
Summary: Oz takes revenge
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or any of the characters or scenarios in this story.
Author's Note: Thanks to Karen, I wrote a sequel to my fic. I didn’t think it was possible but here it is.

“Dawnie, I know that you’re hurting. We’re hurting too. And I know that right now that the pain feels like it will never go away, and that you don’t understand and that you don’t want to understand.”

“ I understand. Willow and Tara are dead. And Warren’s just gonna walk away. He doesn’t even care... But we can change that. We can hurt him.”

“ No, no we can’t. We can’t hurt humans.”

“ Why not? Warren did. Anya did. Spike did. You did.”

“ I didn’t have a choice. Faith was…she was out of control.”

“ You don’t care do you? It’s just like when mom died, you didn’t care then and you don’t care now.”

“ How can you say that to me?” Buffy asked, tears falling down her face. She waited for an apology that she knew would never come before she trudged out of the room. She had hunting to do.

“ Dawn. You’re upset. I get that. But lashing out at us won’t help. Buffy may be the Slayer, but she needs us. She may be in more pain than any of us right now. She blames herself.”

Dawn looked up at Xander, her eyes dry and hard. “She should.”


And time passed, slowly and uneventfully as it so rarely did in Sunnydale.

Monsters and Demons feared to leave their lairs. Word on the street was that the slayer and her minions were pissed about the deaths of some close friends.

According to a Gorgonthon demon, the Slayer staked out Willy’s Bar nightly. Saying that she was looking for a human.

“Can you believe it?” Demons would mutter astounded. “A human in a demon bar? Not one ever had the balls to step inside, let alone order some drinks.”

But, rumor has it that a human some months back had come into one of the major demon bars ranting that he had killed the Great Slayer.

“Apparently”, Miles, a Draconian demon said, “the kid claimed he had shot the Slayer with a gun”.

A gun?

All the demons agreed that, had the slayer died she’d have deserved a better death. To have her heart ripped out would be an honorable death, but a lowly human death by a gun was just too human for the demons to contemplate.

According to a Carthken demon in Eastern Europe, the Initiative was also looking for a human.

The Initiative!

The Slayer, it seemed, had pulled out the big guns… all just to catch a lone human.

This human must be powerful, all the demons concluded. Why else would the Slayer beg on hand and knees to the shunned Watchers Council? Begging for a Witch to perform a locator spell.

Of course most demons were confused by this act. Didn’t the Slayer already have two witches in her possession?

Apparently not anymore.

So things stayed unusually quiet in Sunnydale. The demons on their best behaviour, refused to cross the path of the angry Slayer.

But luckily…according to Chaos, a demon from South Central, there was going to be a free for all in Los Angeles soon.

One could only stay quiet for so long.


“You’re sure? Positive? Yes Giles, I realize you would have double checked everything before calling but… I’m grasping for straws here. I can’t face losing anyone else.” Buffy softly placed her kitchen phone back on its cradle. Trying to understand the significance of her mentor’s words.

A werewolf kill was discovered; somewhere up in the Canadian north.

Sources say the victim’s remains were that of Warren.

A werewolf kill.

And Warren.

It couldn’t be.

And yet, it had to be. It didn’t make sense though. Oz had promised her he would do nothing, that humans didn’t deserve to die. That no one did. He promised her, he would do nothing.

He swore on Willow’s grave.

And yet…


Their time was slowly dieing out. Jonathon could feel it. There was something different in the air, something important had happened.

Perhaps it was ominous thunder that told him so, or that nifty Star Trek like guidance spell he had preformed earlier…

Or maybe it was the fact that the Slayer had guided them out of the jail cell and into the old Angelus Mansion.

She looked kind of …pissed. More so than usual.

But then again, not only had she been pulled from Heaven but her friends had also died.

All because the Trioka had gotten too big for their Ferengi ears. If only Warren had stopped… If only he had had the courage to stand up to them earlier.

If only Andrew would stop believing that Warren was coming back to save them.

“ Someone is trying to kill you. We have to leave.”

Jonathon looked up curiously, wondering why she’d even care. “Who?”

“ You’d be surprised.” Buffy’s stepped into the slight sliver of moonlight the shone into the Mansion. Her body began to quake, and melt. Her face puddled to the floor.

All that remained was…



“I think I always knew it would come to this. Not with you per say. But this situation. I was destined for it. I fought against the inevitable saying that I wasn’t a murderer, that Veruca’s death was justified. And you know what I’ve come to realize boys?”

“w—wWhat?” Andrew squeaked, cowering into a corner.

“There is no such thing as a justified death. There is only death. I don’t think either of you realize what kind of hell you brought onto your lives.”

“ Please. You’re a good guy. You don’t kill people.” Jonathon pleaded. Oz was a good guy; they used to hang sometimes in High School. Oz was cool. He wasn’t a murderer.

“ Hmm… I don’t kill people? Maybe you’re right. Maybe when I woke up after the transformation, Warren threw himself into a shredder. But how would that explain all the blood on me?

“ Oh god.” Andrew moaned in the background, sliding to the floor.

“ God won’t help you now.”

“Who are you?”

“ I’m the ex. I don’t expect you to know me Andrew. I’m not that presumptuous, but Jonathon you should. You should remember Willow more vividly. You’ve known her for what? 20 years? And then you allowed her to be killed.”

“It wasn’t like that. God, if I could change it… I would. She was my friend too. Warren was out of control. We had no idea what he had done until it was far too late. I’m sorry.”

“ What are you going to do to us?” Andrew quietly sobbed.

“ That’s funny... You know I really didn’t plan anything. So…” Oz smiled. “Let’s just play it by ear shall we?”

The end was near. It was obvious now.

But for who?