Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Seeing Stars
Author: Little Faith
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post Season 4 - future fic
Summary: Willow finds Oz.
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other characters are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB..
Author's Note: Thanks to Ginga Witch and Rakshar, they beta, I smile. This fic is dedicated to the Oz loving people everywhere. Reality schmality.

"Willow." Oz stood in the doorway. He said her name so matter-of-factly that Willow had to fight back a smile.

"Oz," she replied.

"How did you find me?" He sounded almost impressed.

"I followed a star," Willow said allowing her smile to emerge at last.

"Really? Which one?" He stepped onto to porch and regarded the night sky curiously. Willow pursed her lips and looked up.

"Um.that one right up there," she said softly as she pointed skyward.  "See? The bright one?"

"Mm." Oz nodded, standing next to her, letting his gaze trail beyond Willow's extended finger. "That's Venus," he observed. Willow dropped her hand to her side, blushing and glad for the darkness.

"That's okay, I wasn't really following it anyway," she confessed. Oz looked at Willow, favoring her with a crooked smile. He opened the door, and his smile broadened as she stepped calmly over the threshold. "Still careful, I see," Willow remarked.

Oz shrugged as he pulled the door shut behind them. "What brings you here?"

"You, actually."

Oz took the opportunity to look surprised.  Willow continued, "I guess.things aren' know, working for me and Tara right now."

"Do you want to sit down? How 'bout some.well, all I really have is herbal tea." Oz offered.

"No thank you." Willow sat on the edge of the loveseat.


"I'm not happy. I love you and I love being with you. It's so great and I feel safe and comfortable when we're together."

"But." the other girl supplied.

"I'm just not happy. I want more than this. I want friends who actually listen, instead of just waiting for their turn to speak. I want my own friends, not just yours, though your friends are great, don't get me wrong. I.I want to be more than just Willow's girlfriend." Tara looked apologetic as she left. Willow slowly leaned back against the wall, her mouth hanging open, her eyes beginning to fill with tears. For one brief second, the only sound was the rain pounding against her window and she stared out at it. The next song on the cd she'd been listening to began. Willow turned and stared at the cd player.


"What was the song?" Oz asked curiously.

"I'd been listening to the soundtrack of Jekyll and Hyde.the song was 'In His Eyes'. It was incredibly strange. By the time the song was over, I knew I had to come see you. Letting our relationship end the way it did was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made. At the very least, I should have told you that I had forgiven you and.that I still loved you."

"Did you?"

"Oz." How much pain could two words carry? Willow was suddenly aware of how very hard this had been for him and how much her love had meant. "I still do," she whispered, her voice suddenly taking sabbatical. Oz reached out, his hand stopping inches away from her. She looked at him. "Don't touch me."

"I'm not." He leaned forward, but didn't brush her hair away from her face. He didn't run his fingers along her jaw. He came within an inch of doing both and more. He did not tentatively touch her lips but could feel her breath on the tips of his fingers. Willow reached out, her hand not quite encountering his wrist. He stayed beyond her grasp, keeping the inch barrier between them as she 'pushed' his hand down.  She leaned forward, closing her eyes and not kissing him. Oz closed his eyes as well as their lips didn't touch. "Willow." he whispered.

"Don't you get it? We're not together. We're.still.too far apart."

"It's easier to be separated by miles than inches," Oz said. Willow nodded. "Why are we doing this?"

"You're the one who left," she reminded him.

"I came back."

"It was too little too late."

"Too little? I went around the world to find a way to be with you without hurting you."

"Not being with you was hurting me. You didn't even write!" Willow raised her voice.

"I did write!"

"You did?" Her voice softened again.

"I wrote you letters every day.I just.I couldn't send them, Willow. I thought you might.not read them. I wasn't sure you'd want." Them. To hear from me. " letters." Willow sat stiffly on the couch, wide eyes wet with tears, lips parted, barely breathing. She closed her mouth and closed her eyes tightly. She opened her eyes.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Because I lied, because I cheated on you, because I'm a werewolf, and a lousy boyfriend. Because I can only play 3 chords and I'm short.and I didn't even graduate on time.why would you?"

"Oz." Willow choked out his name, too stunned to say more.

"You're smart and beautiful. You have so much to give. You're devoted to your friends; you're the most amazing person I've ever had the privilege of knowing."

"I am?"

"You are. Willow, you have never failed to take my breath away," Oz whispered. She leaned in and almost kissed him. Her lips stopped just shy of his. "I love you," Oz confessed. "I want to come back to Sunnydale, to go home and try again. I want a second chance."

"I miss you, Oz. Just tell me you miss me too and I'll tell you to come home," Willow offered.

"I miss you too."

"Come home."

"Thank you." Their lips finally met.