Monosyllabic Eccentricity

Title: Playing the Game
Author: Violet
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Post Lover's Walk
Summary: Oz is in deep depression after he finds out about Xander and Willow and unexpectantly finds himself trapped in a game with Drusilla.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to Joss and UPN.

He walked along the dark, breezy Sunnydale streets, a six pack of 'Budweiser' in his hands. He looked for a nice, secluded place to rest and chose the park. He walked over swiftly and sat under a large tree, running a quick hand through his dark hair and sighed.

Oz had never been so depressed. Only a few days ago he had discovered that his beloved Willow had been sharing smoochies with someone else. Xander Harris, her best friend. He loved Willow more than anything. He trusted her. And now that trust was broken, leaving him shattered. He was sure, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he could work things out with Willow. He had assured her as much. But that didn't take away the pain. He would never be able to wash away the images of the woman he cherished in the arms of another man.

Kissing her.

Caressing her.

Oz popped open a beer and took a long swig of it. He remembered bitterly when he and Devon would sit back after performances and drink for hours. Oz had always enjoyed drinking. The way his veins warmed as the alcohol ran through them. He had stopped drinking after he became involved with Willow. He wanted to be the best boyfriend possible for her.

That had always pissed off Devon.

" are so whipped." Devon would mutter under his breath whenever Oz spoke of his girlfriend.

And maybe he had been right; maybe Oz had gotten too attached.

Oz let these thoughts filter through his head as he began to drink his second beer, when he heard a sound above his head. Oz looked up in the tree to see nothing. He shook it off and began to chug down another drink, and then another.

Soon, he had finished off whole six pack and had the liquor flowing through his system. He felt loose all over when he heard another rustling above his head.

"Such lovely nails..." whispered a dreamy voice.

Oz gazed at the blue nailpolish on his nails and mummered, "Thanks."

"No problem." cooed a voice above him.

He looked up into the tree but still could see nothing, "Who's there?"

The leaves rustled loudly and then a figure dropped down out of the tree branches. She stood up slowly and smiled at him. She was pale. With dark, cold, sharp brown eyes, a straight nose, and long, soft curled black tresses. She wore a billowy crimson dress and gave him what appeared to be a warm smile, "Hello luv, my name's Drusilla, and I've come to play."

Oz looked her up and down again, noting the lush curves that were hidden beneath the lacy dress and grinned lazily, "I'm Oz. Drusilla, hmm? I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting before but I know a lot about you. Willow told me things. You used to date...Spunk? Spike, yes that was his name. Spike."

Drusilla nodded, "Yes, but my Spike's gone now though. And I am so lonely."

She sat next to him on the ground, her dress flowing around her, "You look lonely too. And Miss.Edith whispered such lovely things to me. She told me you were lonely. That, that fiery haired witch had betrayed you and that you were like me. That you might want to play with me"

Oz smiled, "Play with you? Look. You're really cute and all. But like I said, Willow told me about you. I know you're a vampire and a nutty one at that. And there is no way in hell I'm playing any game with you that gets my blood sucked."

"Ohh, I don't want your blood," Drusilla said with a devilish smile, her hand snaking out and grasping the area of his jeans where his cock rested beneath, "I want something much more fun."

Oz jumped at the electric touch of her hand on his crotch. He backed away.

"I see, " he squeaked, "I think I know what type of game you want to play now."

Drusilla giggled, "I'll make you a deal, painted nails. You make Mummy scream and feel all tickly on the inside and she won't drink you dry."

Oz felt himself backed into a corner, and his mind was floating from the earlier alcohol and the remembrance of Willow's betrayal. He could also feel himself hardening at the idea of sex. It had been so long since he had had any. He had promised Willow that he would wait until she was ready, but that didn't mean he wasn't.

And after all, she had betrayed him. Why couldn't he get some payback? An eye for an eye, or however such a saying goes. Still, he knew that this wouldn't fix things between him and Willow, it would most likely make it worse. He was so engrossed in thought that he was shocked when he felt soft lips on his. Drusilla was brushing his lips with hers, pushing his back against the tree, "Come on, kitten...just give in."

Oz groaned and surrendered his mouth to hers. He gave up on thinking and being depressed, he just gave in to the moment. Drusilla's tongue dipped eagerly into his mouth and she tasted him with a sweet moan. Oz's hands scraped the skin of her cheek then threaded their way through her hair. Drusilla's fingers danced along his shirt and quickly grasped the end of it, pulling it roughly over his head.

Her lips trailed from his mouth down his chin to his throat and lower. Oz's hands left her hair and went to the zipper of her dress. The dress grew limp around her quickly and the brush of the night air along her bare back made her gasp. She pulled away from him and feverishly tore the dress off. He had only a moment to trail hungry eyes over her naked body, the curves he had seen hidden earlier finally revealed.

She attached her lips and teeth to his nipple, sucking heartily. Oz groaned again, and ran his hands along her smooth back and ass, enjoying the feel of her lips on him and the feel of her skin beneath his hands. Her lips teased each nipple then went lower to his abs. She reached his jeans and grunted in annoyance and frustration. She tore them and his boxers off quickly.

Finally, he was naked and she grasped his large shaft with sweaty hands.

"Pretty. Just as pretty as Miss Edith said." She mummered and let her fingertips dance along the flesh. Oz moaned and shivered as she took him in his mouth, sucking him eagerly. He could feel himself rushing quickly to release. Who knew she'd have such a talented mouth. Then again, she was a vampire and a lot of their work was oral.

His hands twisted through her hair and he found himself moving within her mouth. She easily accommodated this action, deep throating him. With a sharp cry he came, exploding into her mouth. She managed to swallow everything with no problem. And smiled sweetly at him, "There does my pet feel?"

Oz sighed, feeling dazed, "Excellent."

"Good." Drusilla said and flipped their positions quickly, resting her back against the tree, "Then you'll have no problem playing your part of the game."

Oz grinned, actually finding himself ecstatic at the idea of torturing her back, "No problem at all."

His hands cupped her breasts and plucked at her nipples gingerly. He listened to her delighted moans for a moment before taking the soft buds in his mouth, biting her. She whimpered in awe, her fingers scratching along his back and up to his scalp. As his lips worked on her nipples, his fingers dived into the wet, wild core of her. Her hips bucked as his fingers traced along her clit slowly.

"Oz!" she moaned loudly, reaching a climax.

Oz was surprised at hearing her say his name, and found it exciting to hear, speeding up his actions. She squealed as she climax against his hand, then fell limply against the tree. Oz couldn't stand anymore foreplay and drove harshly into her. He thrust deep into her, moving with no mercy. Her back scraped the tree roughly but only added to her pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him, screaming inaudible things of pleasure as she returned each thrust. The smell her arousal and the sound of her screams were driving him mad, making him move inside her as fast as humanly possible. With a loud cry of jubilation she came, her insides tightening around him, dragging him into his own climax, making him bury his seed deep inside her with a screech of her name.Then he collapsed against her.

There was a moment of silence, before he came back to himself. Oz could hear the sound of their rushed breathing mingling. He pulled away and looked at her with wide eyes.

"Wow." He whispered.

Drusilla simply nodded in agreement.

She kissed his lips softly and pulled away. She dressed quickly and smiled, "Miss Edith was right about you. I had fun playing you."

"Same here." He mummered as he pulled his clothes on over his sweat coated body. She kissed him one more time and whispered, "You win this round. But we will play again sometime."

Drusilla disappeared into the shadows with a flash and Oz sighed and started to walk home.