Monosyllabic Eccentricity

A Quick Reference to Writing Oz
by Karen of OzMIA

1. Try to avoid having him say, "Huh." unless for comedic value. Yeah he said it once on the show and we loved it but it was more about his nonchallant reaction to being naked in a field than the word. Get the emotion and the lines will follow.

2. Don't fear speeches. Oz has made speeches in several episodes. He can speak. He had things to say but he doesn't waste time rambling all over the place. So, just remember, when Oz makes a speech it counts. It means something. Even Oz's "Hootenanny" speech had a purpose. He was blowing off steam and trying to ease tension in  the whole "Buffy's Back" situation.

3. Cut the fat. Relax. Come up with a long string of dialogue and then cut out all the unnecessary words. Economy of speech is best when Oz isn't making you cry with a poignant speech about how he loves Willow.

4. Let people in. Behind Oz's eyes-which are a selling point as far as I'm concerned in any good Oz fic- there's a whole world going on. Oz is quirky. Not motivated by the need for money or to get a good job, Oz's thoughts come off as quirky. Usually it's exactly what Oz is thinking about at that moment. For example his line about "Patches" and his "animal cracker" spiel. Which leads to...

5. Bailing. Being Oz is a thankless job. And he likes it that way. In times of emotional stress, Oz will run like a rabbit in heat. I'm not sure why. But it's his major flaw. He thinks he can handle it for himself, all by himself. It's how he gets into trouble. It's not pride. It's...

6. Fear of losing Control. Lycanthropy shook Oz's zen experience and gave him the depth that makes him so much fun to write. He can't stand to be out of control. He can't handle it. Oz will freak out when he feels out of control.

7. Internal monologue. Write Oz's emotions down all the time without resorting to dialogue. Oz is thinking, feeling, emoting, all the time. It's just not with his mouth.

And that's about all I can write without this becoming a long reference for writing Oz. If you can get inside his head, you can write him. Practice will get you in there quicker and the more Oz you write the happier you and I will be.

Oh and if Oz had written this reference it would say simply, "Writing me can be a lot like not writing me, only with more paper. And ink." Then bail.