Monosyllabic Eccentricity

A Brief Look Into Relationships
by Claire of Monkey Perch Studios

A brief look at how some Oz pairings could or can work. I will try to expand on this as and when I realise good pairings. Please if you have a suggestion don't hesitate to contact me. Better yet write and essay about it for this site.


Sometimes when I'm sitting in class, not thinking about class coz that would never happen, I think about kissing you and its like freeze frame, willowkissage

The main relationship for Oz, the reason he was in the show the reason he left. Willow made him part of the scooby gang, and finally drove him away (with help from a wolf) by becoming a lesbian. They were always the cutest couple with few mistakes - Willow kissed Xander causing them to break for a couple weeks - Wolf Oz slept with Wolf Veruca and Oz ran away to find himself a cure.


On the plus side you've killed the bench, which was looking shifty.

The girlfriends best friend. The superhero. They both have powers they didn't have a choice to have and even though Oz's is more evident, both struggle to control it. She is the most likely scooby to understand him, especially since she heard his (and the others) thoughts. She's also the person who can handle him in wolf form.


Hes very pale.  Paler than most people.

Oz and Angel, the quiet ones, know a thing or two about torture and inner demons, through there differences they have a lot in common. Both have also had to watch the love of their life move on to other relationships. Angel also has the superhero status that Buffy has.


Either I'm borrowing all your albums or I'm moving in.

Giles obviously knows what its like to be cool and therefore can relate to Oz in many ways. We've seen what Giles was like as a teen and there is obviously a lot more to him hidden away. He has a lot knowledge that could help Oz on his search from wolf freedom.  And he has a good taste in music.


I'm not picky. You're just impressed by any pretty girl that can walk and talk.

Devon and Oz have been friends a long time, but the most important thing is they are in a band together.  They go on road trips, they probably drink lots of alcohol and possibly do some drugs but the music enough could lead them into a compromising position.  Its hard to see Devon ever get into an emotional relationship but if you can get Oz allowing it a bit of back stage action could so happen.


Hey, Cordelia. Jeez, you're like a great big cat

Cordelia and Oz have known each other longer than any of the scoobies.  She went out with Devon and therefore was subject to the high and mighty Cordy, though he has watched her change quite a bit.  The Cordelia we know now is a lot different from the original.  They both were also greatly hurt by their other halves hooking up.  There is much room for romance in these two's lives.


An exciting new obsession. Which I feel makes you very special

The girlfriends best friend, an unlikely pairing when first thought of.  Xander almost stole his girlfriend and always had trouble with Oz dating Willow.  These two however have a lot in common.  Both have had issues with relationships and through all the hassle managed to form a friendship.  Xander considers Oz to be cool, could there be more behind this?


Neither of these two have had much interaction.  Oz hasn't met soulful Spike.  However this pair could be match up, they both have inner demons to control.  Spike has the power to match Oz's wolf strength and therefore could help him with his control issues.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a new Slayer in town

Faith has a knack of getting with guys, though Oz doesn't seem like a character to fall for that it is possible for him to find reason for a one-nighter.  Then again Oz is a very emotional character hidden under all that calm, he could be the one who finally settles Faith, helps her find redemption.  She has strength to protect against the wolf.  Faith is also cool, knows how to relax and that side of things could be appreciated by Oz.